Why do people love Vintage?

Why do people love Vintage?

I have asked myself this question many times.  I could never put my finger on the reason, I suppose it is different for everyone.  My reason hit me in the head the day when I was at an estate sale and I looked down and saw it.  ‘It’ was a white ceramic violin with gold trim, about 6 inches high.   I mentally ventured back to Tripps Avenue and my Grandmother’s house.  And I wondered out loud, ‘I wonder who has these from Grandma’s house?’   I quickly purchased the replica violin.  When I got home from the estate sale, I called my older sister to tell her what I had bought at the sale and asked her if she knew where or who had them now.  She said she had them both on her shelf at that very moment.   I was relieved, as I knew they were in good hands.

We lived about 1200 miles away from her, and we made annual visits.  Each visit made an impression on me, even though my last one was in 1966, the year she passed away.  I was only 13, but, even back then,  I knew pretty when I saw it.   And my Grandmother’s house was pretty.

It was a very small house, only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  When you walked into the living room she had this display cabinet mounted on her wall with a mirrored back.  It was wooden and had lots of swirls.  Sitting up on each side, were matching violin statues.  And a ceramic arrangement of 2 green ducks with gold trim sipping water out of a vessel in the middle.   And Spaghetti Poodles.  And I can’t even begin to tell you everything that was in the Pink and Black bathroom.

So for me, the reason I love Vintage is because of violins and poodles.  It is something different for each person, but the meaning is the same.   I attached a picture of the violin I bought, exactly like the violins my grandmother had.


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