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Hot Pink, Turquoise and Goose Bumps

Hot Pink,  Turquoise and Goose Bumps

It really is a small world and things really do or do not happen for a reason. I want to tell you a story. Prior to opening my vintage shop on Etsy, a friend and I used to rent a small booth in an antique mall. We both brought what we liked to the booth and sold our wares.

One day I brought in a small turquoise and hot pink lidded dish. I loved it, loved the Art Deco style and the bright colors. This dish was probably from the 30s or 40s. My friend, on the other hand, hated the dish. Still, I put it in the booth for probably what was 3 to 4 months, it never sold.

In June of this year, my friend and I had a Garage Sale at her house. I decided to put the dish in the garage sale. Again, it sat and no one even picked it up. I brought it home with me and decided to put it in my Etsy shop.

After about a week in my Etsy shop, it was sold. This is what makes it wonderful, the woman that purchased it told me her story. When she was a little girl, her grandmother had a dish exactly like this one. When she would go to her grandmother’s house, she and her grandmother would sit in the middle of her bed and would dump out the contents of her exact dish. Out would tumble bits of broken jewelry. The woman that purchased the dish told me that she would ask her grandmother about each little piece and her grandmother would tell her the stories again and again. This ritual went on for many years with this hot pink and turquoise dish.

The woman that purchased the dish from me was so shocked to see the exact dish in my shop. She immediately purchased it and will be continuing the same ritual with her grandchild. I heard from her after she had received the dish. She already has her small bits of broken jewelry in the dish and has sat on her big bed with her grandchild telling stories about each piece.

So, there was a reason for this dish to sit in my booth unsold for months, for it to be ignored in my garage sale and for me to decide to put it in my Etsy shop. Someone living 1700 miles from me was meant to see that dish on Etsy and be able to have it to continue something that meant and still means so much to her. Gives me Goose Bumps.


What Is It About This Old Tin?

What Is It About This Old Tin?

I came across this Old Tin at a neighborhood sale about a month ago. It was half buried under a bunch of placemats, and it is not unusually bright, so I wonder how I even noticed it. And I am not all that enamored with Tins to begin with. They take up a lot of room in the cabinet, they make noise when moved around, and just overall, not an item I am drawn to.

But for some reason, I love this tin. It is old, but there are lots of old tins out there. I finally discovered what it was. The Birch Trees by the Lake. Reminded me of Wisconsin and all of the summers that were spent on Star Lake. A beautiful Lake surrounded by Birch Trees. My sister and I used to peel little pieces of birch bark off one of the trees and use it as paper to write home to our friends.

These birch trees were the real deal, not the river birches you see as part of landscapes nowadays. These were what I call Canoe Birch Trees, the kind the American Indians would use to make canoes.

Not sure who the lady would be in the skirt and sweater waving to us on the Tin. Another oddity, there are no mountains in Wisconsin. But when having a major memory flow, you can overlook little things like mountains and strangers in the picture. I have had the Tin in my kitchen for 3 or 4 weeks now, I am ready to let it go and have put it in my Etsy shop. Maybe you can figure out who the woman is.

You can find it here