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Why Did I Have to Have These?

Why Did I Have to Have These?

A few weeks ago I came home with these vintage barglasses, all 14 of them, including the cool caddy they were sitting in.  I not only brought home the lowball glasses in the picture, but also the 6 highball glasses that were sitting next to them.  And my last name does not start with the Letter P, which is emblazoned on all 14 of the glasses I just had to have. 

Why?  My grandparents, and therefore my mother’s maiden name started with the Letter P.   My grandfather used to have a little metal and glass barcart sitting in the corner of his kitchen, right by the stairway that lead to what seemed at the time, the very scary basement.  On this cart he had shotglasses, cocktail shakers, barglasses, little stirrers, and napkins.  On the lower shelf he had some bottles of liquor.  Not sure what kind of liquor, but maybe 4 or 5 bottles of something.  This barcart was highly breakable, with 2 shelves made of glass, but even without being told, I knew this was not a cart to be played with or around.  I wonder if he had any classic vintage barglasses (just like on the show Mad Men) on that cart.  I bet he did, and if he didn’t, he should have. 

These glasses have sat on my kitchen island for about 3 weeks.  I can let them go now, but I really enjoyed having them in my home for awhile. I am ready to put them in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/118673452/vintage-barglasses-lowball-monogram Reminded me of visiting my grandparents and what might have been on that mystery cart.


Designing Your Mad Men Office on Etsy


This is an interesting story of someone who is such a fan of Mad Men that he decorated his office/den from the vintage sellers on Etsy.

Mr. Roger's Neighborhoods

Mr. Roger does not deny being swept up in the Mad Men craze! Really, how can you resist? The fantastic light fixtures, streamlined couches, and wood paneled walls…I can go on! So, when it comes time to remodel your home or work office, what would a Mad Man do? Head to Etsy, of course! Using the inspiration photo of Don Draper’s office, I scoured the nooks and crannies of Etsy vintage seller sites for mod, mid-century gems that would be the perfect addition to any Don Draper devotee’s den! Here’s a sneak peak (with links) of your future office…

Let’s start with Don’s desk…I do love those solid-built, mid-century desks! Etsy seller, modernmidcenturyfurn has this lovely listed at $259:

This desk lamp is so Don Draper! Check it out from weareMFEO, listed at $59:

Don has a pair of drool-worthy chairs on the opposite side his desk! An initial search…

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