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A Tray for Everything and Then Some

A Tray for Everything and Then Some

Take a close look at the tray in the picture.  I found this tray about 3 days ago leaning against an old wicker laundry basket at a sale in my neighborhood.   I noticed it from about 40 feet away, and as I was walking towards it, I thought I was walking towards a painting.  but, as I got closer, I realized that it was a metal tray.  The colors on this tray are so rich and real, from the heavy dark gold tones on the borders of the tray, to the deep creams and peaches of the flowers, and the cobalt blue of the vase holding the bouquet.  I could not believe how beautiful it was.  I brought it home with me, not knowing at all what I would do with it.  It is pretty large, 22 inches by 17 inches.

I still could not believe that I had initially thought this tray was a painting. The depth of the colors is outstanding.   It deserves to be hanging on a wall in a place of Honor.   So I decided to pass it forward and put it in my Etsy shop, The Vintage Porch  http://www.etsy.com/shop/thevintageporch